Pleased to Eat You! is the story of three men stranded at sea. When one of them dies, the two who remain can either eat him… or just sing about it!

Set in an entirely computer generated, Art Deco inspired world, Pleased to Eat You! features catchy songs, giant fish, panpipes, drum kits, jazz hands, unrealistic rafts, cooking, pirates and Dream-Time Sailor Girls.

Get ready for castaways, corpses and carrots in this cannibalistic musical comedy!


Pleased to Eat You! is an independent short musical comedy, made in London on a shoe-string budget.

Production began by recording the music with a 36-piece Big Band. The film was then shot over two days at Shepperton Studios. The visual effects were painstakingly designed and animated by Kettle Studios, then composited by The Moving Picture Company and Boundary Visual Effects. Sound Disposition provided sound post-production and Technicolor graded the final images.

All of this took several years and relied on the kindness, dedication and creativity of over 200 cast, crew, musicians and visual effects artists - all of whom worked for free or very little to realise a project they believed in.

Director's Notes

I started this ridiculously huge project with one ambition - to make something big, colourful and stupidly fun. 

Inspired by some of my favourite short films, I set out to make a short, funny and modern homage to a genre. As someone who loves the classic Hollywood musicals of Astaire and Rogers and Gene Kelly, the idea of capturing some of that energy in a short film was immediately intoxicating. 

Dance and musical sequences have a built-in potential to be full of action. They’re bursting with energy, expression, and possibilities for an interplay between dance-movement, camera movement and editing, all of which is incredibly cinematic. Of course, one musical sequence just so happens to also be the perfect length for a short film!

Musicals are also fantasies, they never feel like real-life. Technical limitations prior to the mid-50s dictated that any exteriors in musicals needed to be shot in studios, resulting in fantastic painted backdrops and expansive street scenes recreated in studios, all with a heightened sense of realism. I set out to create a modern homage to this by creating a exterior in a studio, and that quickly morphed into using visual effects.

I also hoped that if we could come up with a good song, we’d naturally have a brief, economical structure to build our film around. I wanted to keep any narrative very simple and to allow the music - and the audience's experience of going along for the ride - to be at the forefront. Therefore Pleased to Eat You! features a simple situation, leaving room for the music, song, dance and movement to escalate and develop towards - I hope - a satisfying finale. 

The result is big, colourful and stupidly fun and I hope it brings joy to those who watch it! 

Adrian Hedgecock